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If you are new to and this site and do not know how to go around, you have found the right page!
  Fantage Guide
Before you can go anywhere, you must know how to go around the world. Click on the ground or use your arrow keys to navagate around the world.
To go anywhere, click on the map symbol at the bottom of your screen. Hovering over any section of the map will tell you where it is and what buildings or games there are in that section. Click there to go. You will appear there!
You can also enter buildings by clicking on them or moving your character to the door. You can shop in some places, such as:
Board Shop
Le Shop
Stellar Salon
Jester's Costumes
ID Phone Shop
Ottoman's Furniture
Castle Relators
Sun Block
In these places, click on the shop button in the top right corner of your screen. A catalog will appear. Click on the corners of the page to move on. When you see an item you like, click on the image of it and click 'Buy' with either Ecoins or Stars. If you have enough, click on the button with the payment you want to make. Then enjoy!
Rare items are found with gems. You can get gems by winning first place in a pinata game or playing Bubble Bug, Staries, Magic Pop, and Candy Swap. Once you have three gems, go to Wizards Domain and enter Orion's Rare Finds. There, click on Orion in the center of the place. Then, click and drag three gems into the slots. Click Activate and an item will appear in the center of the orb. You can put this on any time.
You can play games almost everywhere in Fantage. Click your map and Click 'Games' in the Find box. A little box will appear over games and where they are located. Or, hover over an area and look at the Gaming symbols. Once you see a game, click there on the map. Then, go close to where you think the game is and click it and 'Yes' once a screen pops up. Then, you will be entered into a game and recieve Stars at the end.
Your ID Phone tells who you are. Click on any player in the game to view their ID Phone. You will see lots of buttons. If you click on the Medal, you will see the user's medals he/she has earned. If you click on the Stickers, you will see their stickers. You can give them stickers too, but you must have a sticker to give. If you click on yourself, you can see how many Stars and Ecoins you have, your medals and stickers. Click another player. If you click the Home button, you can go to their home. If they are being mean to you or other people, click the Report button and report them. If they get reported 10 times, they will be banned from the site. By ignoring them, you will not be able to see what they are saying. Or requesting them as your buddy will send them a friend request.
Your home can be reached by clicking the icon in the bottom left corner. Once there, enter. If you have bought furniture, click on the Pencil in the top of your screen and bring up your inventory. Click on the items you want to bring out. Then close your inventory and drag each item to where you want, rotating them the way you want. Click the 'X' if you don't want it, and it will put in back in your inventory. When you are done, click the done button. Members can host a party. Then, set your room options by clicking the button in the very top right corner. Open it to everyone, only Buddies, or Nobody. Then it will dissapear once you click.
Missions are very fun and earn you medals. Go to a mission center in Uptown or Downtown. Click on the portal and click on it to enter the mission center. Click on the blackboard once you get there and log in. Then select the mission you want to start, and you are an Agent!
The COMET is Fantage's magazine. You can view news, see contest winners, see fun stuff, and Member of the Week. Flip through it like a shop catalog. And enjoy!
Enter Top Models Inc. to do fashion shows. The Grotto in the forest is to hang out and play Magic Pop. The lighthouse is for hanging out. The creature shop is where you buy a pet to transform into in the Creature Arena, and you get your first pet free. In Pet Town you can go to school, buy pets, and play games. Mt Fantage is where you can become a reporter. You can trade unwanted items at Lucky Bob's, and the Photo Booth is to take pictures for your album. The Hall of Fame shows winning users and is updated every week.
  Have fun going around Fantage!


Navagating, Map, and Shopping

Rare Items, Games, IdFone

Home, Missions, the COMET

Special Places

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  25. its downtown, go over near top models and click the door or move into the building.

    (Posted on 2011-07-15 16:59:00 by )
  26. how do you get to the stellar salon?!

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  27. you dont; you move stickers only if theyre yours

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  28. please answer quickly!

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  31. no you arent sorry

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  32. hi are u able 2 send stuff from your inventory to your friends?

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  33. the new fantage skool game is though cuz some of the words are really messed up OMG but a comment i hav is fantage rox!loolz i hate doin val tryouts cuz members always win so if ur readin this and ur a mem on fantage u suck loolz jk but i wanna b a member sooo badly!!!!!

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  34. i have a friend she moved here from poland and she dosent know how to use fantage or even how to speak english!!!

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  35. if someone bullies you, you can block them or report them. that's what they made those buttons for.

    (Posted on 2011-05-25 22:04:00 by )
  36. um well y is it that non-members get treated cruelly by members. Cause i used to be a member and i never did anything like that to anyone els. Plz help me fight 4 there feeling and help me get the word out . if u need to contact me say it on ur pink chat box.Thx Rockstarrerin.

    (Posted on 2011-05-22 17:13:00 by )
  37. popsinger sorry i cant make you a member on fantage, but on here scroll all the way down, hit the word login, and hit join this site. it costs real money for a premium membership on fantage.

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  38. do yous mean a mem on fantage

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  44. well, if you showed up at the tryouts, you could. the next ones are going to be put up soon!

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  45. How do u be a agent?!

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  46. :D

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  47. These are very useful instructions they helped me with my first time on fantage!

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